Message from the Club President

The Club President Andrew Paris sent the following message to the members on the 29th May 2020, following the lifting of certain restrictions by the Health Superintendent’s Office:


Dear Members,

I trust that you and your loved ones are well and are looking forward to some much-needed respite after a challenging and surreal few months. I am aware that Club Secretary Mark Vassallo has kept you all up to date with the goings-on at the club and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow committee members for rising to the occasion in such difficult moments, which go down as among the most challenging times in my 20 plus years at the helm of the club. I would also like to thank those members who have entrusted us with their membership renewal, even at a time where matters were less clear than they are today. Your support means a lot to us and I am sure that others will renew shortly.

As a pharmacist by profession, I am only too aware of the need to have safety protocols in place to try and keep Exiles as COVID 19 – free as possible. Having said this, it is up to each and every one of us to mitigate our individual risks, doing what we feel we are comfortable in doing to be as safe as possible. Below are a few measures we have in place :


  1. We have placed alcohol-based sanitisers at the two entrances of the club, at the outdoor showers and in the bathrooms.
  2. Changing rooms and indoor showers are temporarily closed.
  3. The common parts – shower push buttons, bathrooms and railings will be wiped with soap and water on an hourly basis when our attendant is working.
  4. All chairs will be washed with soap and water at the end of the day OR at the start of the next day. These will be placed in an area that will be marked that they have been sanitised.  For everybody`s safety, you are expected to return your chair when you leave and place it in an area marked for chairs that need to be sanitised. Once our attendant sanitises them, they will be moved to the sanitised chairs area.
  5. Sunbeds will also be sanitised at the start of day and any sunbeds that are vacated will be resanitised.


As I have stated these protocols will be in place. Having said that we depend on everyone`s co-operation for this to be fully implemented. For this reason, especially for vulnerable members, I would suggest the following :


  1. Wipe your chair prior to using it with an alcohol wipe, just in case somebody has touched it, especially the arms of the chair.
  2. Sanitise your hands whenever you touch a common area such as a shower button, a railing or a swimming ladder. It might be more convenient to carry a small hand sanitiser in your bag.
  3. If you feel that you are particularly vulnerable, avoid peak times at the club especially Sundays. It might be wise to come down in the mornings Monday to Friday which is usually quiet.
  4. Make use of all the space available, If necessary use the lower deck which tends to be less crowded.


Finally, we ask you all to respect the social distancing rules and not crowd up close to one another. The advantage is that it is still early in the season so relatively quiet.


One last thing. Summer has started early and will last long. We urge you to enjoy it to the full

Andrew Paris

President – Exiles Sports Club



Dear Members and Guests,

Yesterday 1st of May would have been our Membership Enrolment Day followed by the Traditional Bar-B-Q Lunch down at the clubhouse. Do not feel downhearted, these are extraordinary times when the world has gone into temporary hibernation; we have been told to social distance, to stay at home, to work from home.

However, we need to mention the here and now; the Club committee has been meeting regularly to deal with the immediate requirements – that of funds to service our current and immediate needs. We are currently in discussions with the Lido Lessee and Tenant the Ferretti Group, who, as you aware were obliged by the Health Authorities to stop the operation of the Bar and Restaurant.  Another important source of revenue to the club’s finances is through Membership fees. All income derived from sports-related activities has grinded to a halt, but the club has to honour its commitments and the wages and salaries have to be settled. The club also has its financial commitments with the bank, as we enter our last year of repayment of a loan taken out in 2011 to construct the Club Premises. This loan is secured by personal guarantees of some members on the committee. On our salaries bill and expenses, the Club also has commitments towards our two full-time coaches; we have applied for a form of subsidy under the Government scheme, however until this very moment we have not received an affirmative reply to our request as well as others relating to contractual obligations with our athletes.

The Committee has decided just the same to launch from the 1st of May, the Exiles Membership 2020 campaign; this is a bold approach and a topic we have discussed in depth. For this season’s Membership, we shall be retaining last year’s membership rates, however, due to these current surreal circumstances we are appealing  to your loyalty to the Club and the previous summers you enjoyed at the Clubhouse, to pay your membership fee between the 1st May and up to the 15th of May 2020 (the Early Bird Rates).  I may add that ALL the Committee members and their Family have already renewed their Membership for 2020, in so doing, leading by example.

We do not know what conditions the Health Authorities will impose on the club once restrictions are lifted and the Clubhouse re-opens its doors. One possibility which is highly likely is that there will be restrictions on the number of persons present on the premises at any given time. This might mean restrictions to facilities on the deck as well as in the restaurant. The Committee has decided to give priority to those members who would have paid their membership by the 15th of May, should any of these new restrictions relating to a form of limitation be introduced.

At this point, it is presumptuous of us to predict how events will evolve, however in the current situation, the Committee is aiming towards the best outcome for all its membership base.

We shall keep you informed of all the developments as these occur.


Thanks & Regards,

Keep Safe


Mark Vassallo
Exiles Sports Club,

Dear Members and friends,


Keeping you informed

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. We have developed new routines, new ways of communicating at work and with family and in many cases a ‘new normal’. Now more than ever, we need to continue our efforts to help #STOPTHESPREAD. We also need to ensure we are caring for ourselves and our families, including our mental health. Get into a healthy routine, reach out to friends, families and co-workers, go for walks and exercise daily. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to us.  There are several Helplines and Services in place and the Health Authorities Helplines and Services.A ‘new normal’ is Working-from-home for those who may and have the amenities, food and groceries being delivered to your homes, purchasing stuff on-line, following the newsfeeds, dealing with ‘lockdown’, dealing with convid-19 and following the directives by our Health Authorities.  Frequent Hand-washing and Social Distancing have become the norm, let’s do our bit to help others. 

#STOPTHESPREAD follow the directives of the Health Authorities.


This year 2020

We have had a great loss at the start of this year; the passing of the Club Treasurer Adrian Farrugia, on 26th of January, 2020.

Adrian was a great asset to the Club ever so present. A man of more deeds than words and a most reliable treasurer.  He had a true love for water polo, first as a player then as an administrator and, more recently, as a most talented photographer taking poolside shots of most water polo games. He will be truly missed.

Our condolences go to Adrian’s wife and children.


Water polo

The year started off with the Enemed Cup 2020 where the Club players after a spell of training in January started to compete in the Enemed Cup which is normally a prelude, run in February, to the Winter League which was to run through March & April 2020.  The Boys were fairing well in their initial matches, with wins over Neptunes (9-8) and over Sliema (7-4); then towards beginning to mid-March the ASA under directives and recommendation from Sport Malta and the Health Authorities suspended all competitions and furthermore the total closure of the Pixxina following recommendations by the Health Authorities.


All ASA competitions as well as all other Sports in Malta were suspended indefinitely due to the convid-19 pandemic outbreak.


Following this and following the issuing by the Government of financial aid-schemes to counter the social and economic impact of this pandemic.  The ASA, like other sports organisations, lobbied to partake in these aid-schemes, and following discussions with the parties concerned and in liaison with the water polo Clubs and swimming associations, this was achieved and Clubs had to, like other business entities claim on these aid-schemes.  This was a time that the ASA along with the clubs went online to discuss and decide on these happenings.


As part of a proactive approach to water polo, the ASA have devised an ambitious plan to start the competitions, however, hopefully starting from one-month after the opening of the Pixxina; obviously with the go ahead from the Local Health Authorities. Hence if the Pixxina opens end of June, then one month is given for players to bring their fitness and stamina up to speed in July, for the League and competitions to start in August.  If the Pixxina would open at the end of July 2020, then this plan would slip by a month.  It is also planned that all competitions once the League is re-opened would not last more than end of October 2020.  The ASA with the Clubs are monitoring the situation and will adjust their plans according to circumstances, hence nothing is yet set in stone!


The Committee

The Exiles Committee through January and February met regularly bi-weekly on our meeting day, Mondays; however, when the social distancing and stay safe measures came into force during March we still met via Zoom-Conference-meetings. With the Government aid-schemes in place we had to get organised to discuss the issues involved and organise claims and arrangements with regards to our two full-time employees and part-timers, trusting that these claims go to fruition.


Obviously the Club revenue streams are currently also at a standstill, even though we as a Committee are attempting to mitigate these with some proactive thinking and planning, and with direct contact with the Ferretti Group.


Michael Paris has been appointed as Club Treasurer in Adrian’s stead, to take charge of Club Funds and Finances.


The Club had in late December 2019 acquired a Grant from Sport Malta and the Ministry of Energy & Water Management regarding – Energy Efficiency Interventions for Sports Organisations – and in February we had commenced to put into place some of the items in this grant; amongst which are the replacement of the Flood Lighting System and the Replacement of the Water Heating Systems at the Club; these however have been ordered but are awaiting clearance from the originating country to be shipped to Malta.  We can just wait.


Club Opening

Our traditional 1st of May Club opening unfortunately will have to be postponed to a later date for the opening of our Summer season; it is still premature and early to forecast any tentative dates, however we shall keep everyone informed.


The Bar and Restaurants at the Club premises are obviously closed, however, some initial maintenance works have been done, and hopefully some other works will happen in the months coming; however this is subject to the employees and resources that the Lessee, Ferretti Group, will have available, and able to work in these extraordinary times.



As a first initiative, and to aid us in propagating out message to many more of our members and guests, can you pass the word around to your friends and other members who may have changed their email-address, and hence not received this communication.  So if anyone knows of any such change please ask these members, ex-members, alumni-members and guest-members to get in contact with anyone of the Committee (there is a list of Contact details of all Committee members at the end of this email). Or possibly sending also the mobile numbers of these persons (we may be considering creating a WhatsApp Group) so as to keep everyone informed.


There are also a few Members, ex-members, Alumni-members and guest-members who do not have email addresses and hence we communicate with these by mail.  If these have some relative or one of the existing members who can communicate with them, this would be just great; they possibly may have acquired an email address or mobile phone number onto which we may communicate with them too.



In concluding, I do apologise if a quick, short and concise newsletter (I was told to keep it short) ended up by being this 68 line communication  and hope it was not boring!


As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to sharing information amongst ourselves and as members and guests of this club let us all keep high our noble and humane values of helping one another particularly in these trying times and for the health and safety of all.


#STOPTHESPREAD follow the directives of the Health Authorities.


Please send you communications to or to any of the Committee members in the list below.


Thanks & Regards,

Stay Safe, Stay Home


Mark Vassallo

A circular by the Aquatic Sports Association issued last Thursday the 12th March 2020 stated that with immediate effect and until further notice, all aquatic activities have been suspended. This measure follows a previous announcement  by the Government to stop all sporting events due to the outbreak of the  Coronavirus in Malta.

The scheduled match-programme for the week-end 14th and 15th March was cancelled.

At a Club Presidents’ meeting convened by means of a conference call earlier this evening the 1st April, it was decided that the competitive leagues will commence one month after the National Pool Complex re-opens. Furthermore it was unanimously agreed and decided that participating clubs will not be allowed to sign foreign players on their books for season 2020.

Exiles Elia Caterers 7 Sliema 4

Partial scores (1-0) (3-1) (2-2) (1-1)

Exiles outclassed neigbours Sliema when both sides met last night. This was Igor Vukanovi’s third win in this year’s edition of the Enemed Cup and qualify for a semi-final berth with one match to play. Sliema had Jerome Gabarretta suspended and Michael Spiteri Staines sidelined with an injury.


Exiles piled a four-goal lead in the first two quarters (4-0) before Sliema scored their first goal after 15 minutes of actual play. The Blues rallied to reduce the gap to one goal (3-4) with three minutes left to play. Exiles inched ahead with two quick goals in the last sixty seconds to start the final quarter (6-3). In the second minute of the last session Exiles widened the margin to four goals (7-3) but Sliema replied to narrow the deficit to three goals. Exiles survived two crucial man-down situations half-way through the session and were home and dry by the final horn.

Exiles rearguard was instrumental in winning the three points as was the sharpness in their attacks. Sliema did not manage to find the net when playing six against six.

Man-up – Exiles converted one on three exclusions and a penalty awarded. Sliema had six man-ups and converted two of them as well as two penalties.

Exiles’ Coach Igor Vukanovic made use of the following players, Matthew Castillo, Jake Bajada, Andrew Magri, Philip Paris (1 goal),  Sean Xerri de Caro, Mark Fenech (3 goals), Kurt Griscti (3 goals), Nicky Paris, Aurelien Cousin and Simon Apap.

In match day 5 – the last one of the Preliminary Round , Exiles take on Sirens on Saturday the 14th March 2020 at 16.15 hours.



Exiles Elia Caterers 11 Marsascala 4

Partial scores (1-0) (1-1) (4-2) (5-1)

Exiles chalked their second victory in this year’s edition of the Enemed Cup when last Saturday, they got the better of Marsascala by a seven-goal margin.

The team from Wied il-Ghajn, lasted up to halfway in the third quarter trailing a difference of two goals (2-4) before conceding seven goals by the end of the match.

Man-ups – Exiles converted 3 on 8 and a penalty awarded. Exiles had four players excluded but avoided three of Scala’s attempts. There was a double exclusion.

Exiles’ Coach Igor Vukanovic had Timmy Sullivan back in the squad and made use of the following players, Matthew Castillo, Jake Bajada (1 goal), Andrew Magri (1 goal), Philip Paris (1 goal),  Sean Xerri de Caro, Mark Fenech, Kurt Griscti (3 goals), Nicky Paris, Aurelien Cousin (4 goals) and Simon Apap (1 goal).

In match day 4, Exiles meet neighbours Sliema on Saturday the 7th March 2020 at 17.30 hours. The Blues come from a defeat against front runners San Giljan who won 6-5 for three straight wins in last Saturday’s programme.



San Giljan 11 Exiles Elia Caterers 4

Partial scores (4-0) (2-1) (1-1) (4-2)

Exiles lost to San Giljan when both teams met earlier today in Match Day 2 of the Enemed Cup.

The Saints built up a five-goal advantage (5-0) before Exiles replied with a goal scored in the first minute of the second session. During this quarter Exiles failed to convert the four man-ups. The third session was balanced as San Giljan controlled matters, keeping their opponents at bay (7-2). In the last session the Saints were back in the groove when they maximized their lead to eight goals (11-3) before Jake Bajada put his name on the score sheet on the stroke of the final horn.

Man-ups were Exiles’ downfall with one goal being scored from ten superiority situations. San Giljan scored two of the five man-ups and converted a penalty.

Exiles’ Coach Igor Vukanovic had a short squad made up of the following players, Matthew Castillo, Jake Bajada (1 goal), Andrew Magri, Philip Paris,  Sean Xerri de Caro, Mark Fenech (1 goal), Kurt Griscti, Nicky Paris, Aurelien Cousin (2 goals) and Simon Apap.

In their next fixture, Exiles meet Marsascala on Saturday the 29th February at 16.15 hours




Exiles Elia Caterers 9 Neptunes 8

Partial scores (3-0) (1-3) (2-2) (3-3)

Igor Vukanovic must be satisfied tonight after his team beat Neptunes earlier this evening to win a tight match played at the National Pool by an odd goal. Exiles were always in control of the encounter whilst the Reds were made to chase their opponents.

After building a four-goal lead (4-0) Neptunes narrowed the gap to end one down (3-4) at the half-way mark. Exiles extended their lead lead in the third session to three goals (6-3) by the end of the quarter and widened the gap to four (8-4) in the final session before a comeback by Neptunes narrowed the gap in dying minutes to a mere goal but Exiles survived the last efforts of the Reds to hang on to a precious win as the time ticked towards the final horn.

A concentrated defence and quick-thinking in the attack helped Exiles edge Neptunes who were shorn of three international players Jeremy Abela and Stevie Camilleri currently playing abroad and Jordan Camilleri who is nursing an injury.

Neptunes converted one of the six man-ups apart from a penalty awarded which was converted. Exiles scored four of their ten man-ups and missed one of two penalties awarded.

Exiles made use of the following players, Matthew Castillo, Jake Bajada (1 goal), Andrew Magri, Philip Paris (1 goal), Timmy Sullivan (1 goal), Sean Xerri de Caro (1 goal), Mark Fenech (3 goals), Kurt Griscti, Nicky Paris (1 goal), Aurelien Cousin (1 goal) and Simon Apap.

Next match scheduled for Sunday 23rd February 2020 at 12.00 hours when Exiles take on San Giljan who easily beat Marsascala 14-1 in match day 1.




The opening fixtures of this year’s edition of the Enemed Cup launched by the Aquatic Sports Association (ASA) a few weeks ago will take place this week-end when five premier clubs and first division team Marsascala will be engaged in a three match programme starting tomorrow Saturday 15th February, at 15.00 hours when San Giljan take Marsascala, The other matches on the afternoon’s card are Sliema against Sirens (16.15 hours) and Exiles who play Neptunes at 17.30.

Exiles have confirmed Igor Vukanovic as their Head Coach for this year.


As was expected, The Exiles Ladies’ waterpolo team evidenced their physical limitations –  when the girls were outplayed by their stronger opponents. Observers noted that our team was pitted in the toughest of the four qualification groups played over the last week-end in the Euro League Women 2019 – 2020 Preliminary Round  in Ostia a large archaeological site, located just 30 km west of Rome .

31.10.2019  Exiles SC (MALTA) 2 SIS ROMA (ITALY) 26

(1-3) (0-11) (0-9) (1-3) scorer Eline Antonissen 2 goals


(1-7) (1-10) (0-7) (1-7) scorers Alyssa Diacono, Rhea Cutajar and Michaela Zammit

02.11.2019  Exiles SC (MALTA) 5 DUNAUJVAROS (HUNGARY) 21

(1-6) (2-3) (2-6) (0-6) scorers Emily Diacono 3 goals Kendra Navarro and Michaela Zammit

03.11.2019 Exiles SC (MALTA) 1 ZV DE ZAAN (NETHERLANDS) 28

(0-8) (0-6) (1-7) (0-7) scorer Alyssa Diacono

Club Officials at the pool commented that the team’s  ‘best’ outing was against the eventual winners of the qualifying group – current European Champions DUNAUJVAROS of Hungary who topped the table with ten points with three wins and a draw.

The Committee would like to publicly thank again  SPORTS MALTA for their generous contribution towards the participation costs.

Thanks goes also to other sponsors Exalco and Zanzi Homes as well as Elia Caterers the Club’s sponsor and other individual Club sympathizers who also pitched in their donations to cover the rest of the expenses to fund this unique sporting experience.

photo shows Exiles’ full squad with Coach Gordon Zammit. Physio Matthew Zammit and Club President Andrew Paris.




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Message from the Club President


The Club President Andrew Paris sent the following message to the members on the 29th May 2020, following the lifting of certain restrictions by the Health Superintendent’s Office:   Dear Members, I trust that you…

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