Andrew Paris interviewed by Illum

Andrew and Marco 2018

Exiles President Andrew Paris was earlier this month, taken to task by local sports journalist Cristian Antony Muscat who penned an interesting two-page article in Maltese on the 1st July about  the Club’s Number 1 for the weekly local paper ‘Illum’.

Andrew dealt with the various aspects relating to the  local waterpolo sphere, including the steering a ‘small’ club with limited resources – financial and human.  His positive character, backed by his family, pulled him through 26 years of service to the Club – twenty of which at the helm, and the fascinating sport he loves.

One particular reply, half-way through the interview, must have struck those who read through the whole article. It was his comment to as how he sees his future as Club President. Andrew states ‘when I feel that I no longer  enjoy the respect both at Club level as well as within the local sporting circles, then it will be the time to move. At present I do not sense this’ 

Thanks Sur President


(picture by Adrian Farrugia shows Andrew Paris (right) with Marco Cuk, Head Coach for 2018 waterpolo  season at Marco’s first training session at the National Pool last month)


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