Team Exiles Elia Caterers 2018

Exiles 2018 squad

Exiles Elia Caters as they lined up prior to their  Premier Waterpolo League match against Neptunes on the 23rd June 2018. 

Standing left to right: Kayne Lanzon (Assistant Coach), Igor Vukanovic (Assistant Coach), Marco Cuk (head Coach), Aurelien Cousin, Michele Stellini, Slobodan Nikic, Matthew Castillo, Timmy Sullivan, Philip Paris, Becky Causon (Masseuse) and Andrew Paris (club President).

Squatting left to right: Benji Lanzon, Gianni Ciappara, Mark Fenech, Sean Xerri de Caro, Kurt Griscti, Andrea Bianchi and Nicky Paris.


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Well Done


Exiles Elia Caterers Squad achieved what is considered as the surprise result of this year’s Premier Waterpolo League so far when last Saturday 10th August, they had the better of Neptunes 11-7 to add another…

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