Exiles slump to Marsaxlokk

Poster Exi vs MXlokk 16.07.2019

Exiles Elia Caterers 12 Marsaxlokk 15

Partial scores (2-4) (3-3) (2-4) (5-4)

Exiles suffered their third consecutive defeat in the ‘cross over’ series last night at the hands of Marsaxlokk.

Joe Cremona had clearer ideas than those of Igor Vukanovic and the tactics used by the former ensured full control throughout the match. In attack, Exiles were sterile and predictable with their opponents crowding their fort and waiting to hit on the counter. Exiles could not contrast M’Xlokk’s spearheads Vlahovic and Nagaev who shares 11 goals with the latter being a constant menace to the Exiles goal netting seven goals. The double cover on Nagaev proved costly to Exiles both in terms of expulsions and the number of shots at goal by the Russian.

In the second part of of the match, M’Xlokk played the clock with Exiles chasing and had their chances to narrow the gap but frittered sitters.

Igor Vukanovic who had Michele Stellini back in the line-up for this match, made use of the following players Matthew Castillo, Andrew Magri, Marco Jelaka (2 goals), Timmy Sullivan (4 goals), Sean Xerri de Caro, Mark Fenech (2 goals), Kurt Griscti, Milos Vukicevic (3 goals), Aurelien Cousin, Nicky Paris (1 goal) and Philip Paris.

Man-Down Exiles had 10 players excluded including a double one in the second session with their opponents converting 4 as well as two penalties awarded.

Exiles missed two of the three penalties awarded. They had six man ups including a double expulsion and scored four.

Exiles are at present at the bottom of the Waterpolo Premier League with just one point from five matches. The second round will start next Friday the 19th July with Exiles meeting the top-placed team at the end of the first round. Their opponents will be known only after tonight’s matches which determine the classification.






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