No Final Four for Exiles

Exi vs Nep 21.04.2018 1

Neptunes 8 Exiles Jetfreight 4

Partial scores (2-1) (1-0) (3-1) (2-2)

An overconfident and nervous Exiles team failed to qualify for the Final Four phase when earlier this afternoon, they were beaten by a young and depleted Neptunes side 8-4 to finish their commitment in this season’s Winter League on a jarring note.

Exiles now take on Valletta United for the 5th-6th places in the Winter League which comes to a close on Saturday 5th May 2018 when the last set of matches in the afternoon’s card will determine the final classification of the competition which sees San Giljan meeting Sirens battle for the top place after the latter Sliema for a berth in the final.

Swim-up for the match Valletta United versus Exiles Jetfreight is at 16.30 hours at the National Pool Sports Complex



photo by Adrian Farrugia shows Exiles’ player Mark Fenech (blue cap) aiming at goal shadowed by Jordan Camilleri (white cap number 8)


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