Sirens sink Exiles

Water Polo Ball Held Underwater

Sirens 14 Exiles Jetfreight 7

Partial scores (3-1) (4-2) (3-1) (4-3)

Last night in freezing conditions, Sirens found little difficulty in beating a depleted Exiles side shorn of suspended Kurt Griscti and Aurelien Cousin who was indisposed.

This was the second consecutive defeat suffered by Kayne Lanzon’s team after a close match played three days earlier against Neptunes.

Exiles managed to find the net twice out of their seven man-ups whist Sirens also scored a brace from the six numerical advantage situations. They were also awarded a penalty throw which was converted.

Scores for Exiles were Kyle Navarro (1 goal),Timmy Sullivan (1 goal), Sean Xerri de Caro (1 goal), Niki Paris (3 goals) and Jake Bajada (1 goal).

The Enemed Waterpolo Tournament stops briefly for the Christmas Festivities and resumes on Saturday the 6th January 2018 when in the afternoon’s programme. Exiles meet Valletta United who are still fetching their first points in this event.

Swim-up at 16.15 hours at the National Pool Swimming Complex.



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